Scientific Scope

The symposium features all aspects of the highly interdisciplinary areas of Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics on the following themes:

Research Themes and Team Organisers

Biopower and Bioenergetics (Microbial Electrochemical Cells, Enzymatic Fuel Cells, Photobioelectrochemistry)
Lo Gorton, Donal Leech, Urszula Salaj Kosla, Elisabeth Lojou

Electroporation and Electrophysiology
Damijan Miklavcic, John Lowry, Marie Pierre Rols

Sensing and Biointerfaces
Robert Foster, Michéal Scanlon, Ana Brett, Fred Lisdat

New Materials/Materials Chemistry for Bioelectrochemistry
Antonio de Lacey, Alexander Kuhn, Renata Bilewicz

Protein Electrochemistry and Protein Engineering
Miguel Alcade, Nicolas Mano, Kylie Vincent

Emerging Topics in Bioelectrochemistry
Shelley Minteer, Elisabeth Lojou, Nicolas Plumere, Marcos Pita